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ADEEJ is a non-profit association founded in 2018 by a group of young activists devoted to helping young people and children build their personality and strengthen their knowledge. Meet the ADEEJ team:



Hello everyone,
My name is Kamelia, I’m 23years old, a computer science student, and a member of ADEEJ since 2021.
As an introvert, I feel more energy and stimuli in more reserved places. I know how difficult it must be for people like me to step out of their comfort zone. So, when the opportunity came up, I grasped it with all my power.
As a participant in the Young Verified Leaders Program, I started to change my quiet ways and with great delight I can finally say that I’m able to challenge myself to become less shy and be confident in my ability to adapt to social situations and push myself to extend my boundaries.
My participation with the ADEEJ team in preparing the” Conflict & leadership” workshop has helped me practicing my communication and social skills. As well I learn a few things about conflict resolution.
I am happy to have been given this chance.


My name is Nour Islem Cheikh Echioukh. I am 21 years old and a member of ADEEJ since 2021.
I’m a big fan of dancing and martial arts. I’m also a very communicative person who does not like to miss chances of self-development; I am always open to learn new things and to embrace moments of joy all the time.
I was a facilitator at the YVL “Conflict & Leadership” Workshop, which has been a fun experience that I learned a lot from.
My participation was based on my drive to learn and develop my skills, and see things from a different perspective while exchanging ideas with other participants.
I was given the role of coordinator in my team, and that gave me a sense of responsibility as a first-time experience. We faced some difficulties, but we managed to overcome them through communication which was very beneficial for us; with all the ideas and different points of view on the table. I managed to get to know other people and create a team atmosphere that gave us a strong bond to get us through this experience.
I am grateful for such a journey.


I’m Faten and I’m a course developer/ management student/ seamstress/ cat lady/ movie enthusiast… you get the gist, I have too many things going on.
I first became a member of ADEEJ in 2021 after accidentally meeting its president, and then I became a participant in the Young Verified Leaders Program.
I’ve found the YVL program to be very supportive and appreciative, and very proactive in developing myself and other participants in a multicultural event. I realize that it’s a little complicate trying to achieve this remotely, yet the team makes it work! So YVL organizers, we salute you!
Recently, I was a facilitator in our Workshop “Conflict & Leadership” and the experience has been experimental to say the least.
We are all well aware that when individuals are put together and asked to do something, conflict is bound to happen. But what happens when you group together students with very hectic schedules and ask them to organize a workshop?
Technology! That’s what happens. It comes in and online meetings save the day.
So we’ve had our differences trying to organize the workshop, but what was interesting about it was that we weren’t researching any topic. We were actually looking for solutions to our own team conflicts, the fact that we did a whole presentation about it was just bonus. Not only did we LEARN from this, but we also experimented and applied it on ourselves. Which was pretty interesting, “learning by doing” as they say.
All in all, this whole experience has been very educational, and oddly entertaining at the same time. I look forward to doing more activities with our YVLs.
I also encourage other youth to get involved with associations/programs available in their region.  Each region has its unique was, but the main focus remains the same. To educate and empower future generations to be able to advocate for others and themselves on various issues like accessibility, independence, and self-esteem.  Youth need that push from someone other than their parents or guardians.  They need to find mentors that will help them find a distinctive path for their lives.