We Love Sousse

We Love Sousse

The association We Love Sousse was founded in 2011 by Anis Boufrikha. The association works under the umbrella of the Anna Lindh Foundation. Meet our team from Tunesia:

Ghada El Ouaer

Greetings everyone, I am Ghada, Tunisian , 22 year-old , a medical student and Science/English geek.

This workshop was a delightful journey on many aspects:

  • The lively team, 100% girl power; sweet, wise, hardworking ladies who will surprise you at every turn with their ideas and creativity.
  • The subject at hands , women and leadership , stereotypes vs the reality, what we aim to achieve and what we have gained.
  • Lastly, the method and the audience, international and national friends we get the honor to interact with and share our techniques, the opportunity to prove our skills and test our abilities.

We were there, we did it, we aced it and I cannot wait to live the experience within the next workshops.


Farah Guicha

My name is Farah Guicha i’m 25 years old and i’m an english teacher

I’m a big fan of reading, walking and adventures.  I’m a sociable person I like to interact with people trying new chances and learn as much as I can, to enjoy every single moment because why not we don’t live twice.

I’ve been a member in We Love Sousse since April 2021 and it’s been the most interesting journey in my life.

My participation in Young Verified Leaders program was based on my eagerness to develop my skills and perspective as well as exchanging ideas and thoughts about diverse topic and understand better the interculturality term. It´s good to be into such an international environment from my personal experience.

I was the facilitator along with my team and haifa as the first time for the workshop about women and leadership which was challenging yet enjoyable theme for me, since I’m interested to talk about it and it was worthy to try.

The work between us was enriching, we benefited from each other’s idea, and we had a great time planning and organizing as a team. That got me to know and get closer to the girls professionally and in term of creating such a bond between us.

I’m thankful for this opportunity and I can’t wait for what’s coming.


Samra Ben Romdhane

My name is Samra Ben Romdhane, I am 24 years old, an active member at We Love Sousse association, SpeakEng facilitator and I also work as a Communication, Reporting & Logistics officer at BRAVE project.

I am an extraverted girl who always wants to spread happiness and positive energy all around her. I always want to try new things and get out from my comfort zone by meeting new people, learning new skills.

I am a very sensitive person, and I am still learning how to control my emotions and manage my stress.

Most importantly, I enjoy going through new experiences just like the most recent experience; preparing and facilitating the 2nd session of the program Young Verified Leaders about Leadership & Women. It was my first experience facilitating in an international setting. This experience pushed me to my limits and helped me grow my skills and know my team more.


Yasmine Ben Harzallah

Heyy to my beautiful kind Humans from around the world, I’m Yasmine Ben Harzallah, 25 y.o , a freshly graduated software engineer, as my We Love Sousse girls call me IT wizard , I like discoveries, camping and hiking into nature, diving into the heart of mother earth revealing its secrets and mysteries, and getting to know people from different places.

During my growth, I experienced many things until my new confort zone became the growth zone. I always like to learn new things, to create new goals and to achieve them. This quality is one of my biggest motivations to join the Young Verified Leaders program where I had the honor to get to know people with different backgrounds and perspectives.

I was overjoyed to facilitate the Women and leadership session with my girls Ghada, Samra, Farah and our leader Haifa Gharbi, sharing and debating with every participant in the program. Surely it was a very enriching and enlightening experience, especially since all of us come from different countries with different cultures which makes the topic even more interesting !

For thus, I can’t wait to be a part of the next sessions and thank you so much for this unforgettable opportunity.