The young, international solidarity partnership.

Our history and expertise

The project „Young Verified Leaders” (YVL) is the blended result of a strong international solidarity drive and a long term partnership between four organisations: „We love Sousse“ (Tunisia), „ADEEJ“ (Algeria), „ALEJ“ (Algeria) and „Solidarity Youth of Germany – Solijugend“ (Germany). YVL is a direct response to the social impact of the lockdowns and the tragic consequences of the sanitary crisis. After months of isolation, the time has now come to create concrete measures for our young people in Algeria, Tunisia and Germany and strengthen our relationships.

In the context of a global pandemic, which has considerably restricted international dialogues, we must now guide and support our young people who actively work in the youth sector, in order to provide them with perspectives that meet their expectations.

(Re)thinking international solidarity means preparing our young leaders of their home countries. Whether cultural, economic, political or social, their ongoing struggles and inequalities are the starting point of our collaboration, that is, inviting youth to question the status quo.

Within our „Young Verified Leaders” program, we offer training to young Algerians, Tunisians and Germans aimed to equip them with the necessary skills to be qualified as an international youth leader and obtain a youth leader card. In the long run, our young leaders will have access to methodological tools, necessary know-how abilities as well as knowledge transfer to be able to organize international youth meetings by themselves.

Our vision

„Young Verified Leaders” was born from a common desire to create sustainable and continuous trilateral intercultural exchanges between youth and trainers of these countries.
Gathered around inseparable values, namely, solidarity and tolerance, we want to give each young person access to responsible and committed quality leadership training. The goal is to create a unique network of young leaders recognized on national and international levels. We firmly believe in the synergistic effects that emerge when young people from different cultures come together and share common interests and similar lifestyles.
Together, we aim to achieve an ambitious project in which the voice of each actor is heard, valued and considered in a way that guarantees absolute horizontal equity.

Our Mission

The main mission of our trilateral project is to train young future leaders from Germany, Algeria, and Tunisia in effectively running and managing groups of young international participants. This program combines hybrid and face-to-face activities in an international, multidisciplinary and linguistically diverse environment.
This project should promote exchanges between volunteers and permanent members and sustainably consolidate structures and links between international youth workers.
Practical and theoretical learning activities related to the leadership skills will be presented, the list of activities include the following subtopics; function, self-perception, responsibilities and rights of young leaders from an intercultural perspective, the role of media and social media awareness, mental health, gender issues, communication and conflict management, as well as a special focus on the importance of postcolonial studies in the fight against extremism and racism.